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A scientific article is a logically completed study of the author, carried out through the application of a scientific method, characterized by scientific novelty. In any publication of this kind, the relevance of the research, the goals and objectives of the research, as well as the essence of the innovations of the ideas presented are written. The author, publishing his research, secures the copyright on this or that idea.

In a separate type of publications in the field of science are included the so-called reviews, which are an analysis of the works of scientists on certain topics. Such paper can be written in the form of a controversy with a reasoned statement of one’s own opinion on the issue under consideration. A scientific article is a paper published in one of the scientific journals or a collection of scientific papers that meet certain high criteria. Why do I need to publish a scientific article? If you are a candidate for a degree, the results of your dissertation should be published in a journal or collection.

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Any article is a logical whole study. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the article. A typical mistake when writing a scientific article is the lack of a clear, consistent structure. An article usually has the following structure:

  • Introduction – hypotheses and the reasons that prompted the start of the study, as well as the intended results of the study.
  • Experiment – a description of the methodology used to collect data and to conduct observations.
  • Results and conclusions.

From the introduction should be clear the relevance of the raised problem, the degree of elaboration. In the most responsible way it is necessary to approach the choice of table of contents of the article. If the title is chosen successfully, you will attract potential readers to your research. Conversely, if the title does not reflect briefly and succinctly what you want to say, the level of reader interest will be much lower. Scientific ideas should be presented in a language understandable to a wide audience, which often causes difficulties for young scientists. Article overload is unacceptable because it makes the text unreadable for most uninitiated readers.

Modern requirements for scientific articles are such that the compilation of graphs and diagrams is welcomed. All formulas must be decrypted.

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