Article writing

Article writing

Article writing is not such a simple task as it seems at first glance. First you need to choose a topic for the article, think over its structure, find out which publications host such articles and choose the most suitable one.

Getting to the choice of a topic, it is important to understand that it should directly correspond to the topic of your doctoral dissertation. It will need to describe in detail what exactly you are exploring, what you want to prove with this and what it will lead to in consequence. The article should not be boring, but interest the reader, perhaps even develop in it a certain sense of discussion and a desire to express one’s opinion on a particular issue. Choosing a topic, you can safely consult with your supervisor, or if you are completely confident in the correctness of your chosen topic, write and publish it.

Since the article is not artistic, but scientific, it must necessarily have the correct structure of the submission. The article should start writing with the introductory part. The entry of the article should not be very large and occupy a third of the entire work. In this part, it is necessary to describe briefly, the essence of the question, which you will analyze in the master’s thesis and the history of the origin of this topic. Next, proceed to the main part, the backbone of the article so to speak. The transition between these two parts should not be felt, since it will not look natural and will spoil the whole picture. The main part should contain the opinions of many scientists who have analyzed or discussed topics previously related to your dissertation, perhaps even conducted similar experiments. Describe in detail your personal opinion on your research.

Having written the main part, we proceed to the conclusion, so to speak of the final part of the article. In this part, you need to describe all your conclusions and conclusions on the study. All the above parts of the article plus minus should be the same size, and the transitions between them should not be felt, as this will spoil the first impression. After writing an article, everyone starts wondering where to publish it. If this scientific article is needed and will help in defending a Ph.D. thesis, then it should be published in the edition that your Higher Attestation Commission recommends or advises, thus, the desired result and return will be achieved. In another case, the choice of publication and its placement depends only on you and your preferences.

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